The Adirondack All-Taxa Biological In­ventory will be the starting point for exploring biological diversity in the Adiron­dack Park, a nexus for historical and contemporary data gathering and for interaction between Adirondack citizens and contributing scientists. The ATBI will gather considerable existing data and generate new biodiversity information while involving scientists and citizens. We intend to develop an educational and interpretive tool in the form of a comprehensive, web-based, spatially-referenced database that will be used to catalog existing biological diversity from known information sources, and engage and build community support for an Adirondack biological inventory. The ATBI will initially conduct a pilot project focused on a comprehensive survey of drag­onflies of the Park. We will document the interpretive and educational value of the program and use this information to refine the approach for use in the continuing effort to document Adirondack biological diversity. The ATBI will bring together groups that represent a very wide variety of stakeholders, taking advantage of local expertise and enthusiasm for the Adirondacks.



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