"History of the Adirondack Council" is communications director John F. Sheehan's take on the evolution of one of the nation's most effective environmental organizations. The organization has grown larger and more sophisticated from its founding in 1975 through its 30th Anniversary in 2005. While the scope of its interests has remained the same - anything affecting the ecological integrity or wild character of the Park - its ability to carry out that mission has improved steadily. Topics such as acid rain, land-use planning, land acquisition and motorized use of public lands are explored in an Adirondack context. The Council has been a strong advocate for (and occasional critic of) the Adirondack Park Agency and for the ''Forever Wild" clause of the NYS Constitution, which protect the Park's Forest Preserve from Logging and development. The careful preservation and expansion of the Park's public Lands - especially Wilderness Areas - is one of the group's highest priorities. The article contains a discussion, with accompanying maps, of the Council's proposals to create a 73,000-acre Borel Wilderness in the northern Adirondacks and a 408,000-acre Bob Marshall Great Wilderness in the western Adirondacks. The article includes statements about the Council from members of Congress, numerous NYS officials and other environmental organizations, as well as references to website materials and additional information.



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